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Who We Are

Our core values guide our relationships with our patients and our coworkers. These values represent who we are and define our practice of dentistry.

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Doctors helping doctors! Dr. Thrailkill

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You can trust that you will be treated with honesty and compassion at all times. We will never recommend any treatment for you that we would not offer to our own families. At the same time, we will never insist on any treatment for you that you are not comfortable with.

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Excellence is our goal in all that we do at Great Oaks Dental. Therefore, we practice the finest dental techniques available anywhere. For this there is no substitute.

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We are committed to the enjoyment of life both for our patients and for our staff. Your visit to our office will be a reflection of the joy we take in caring for our patients and for each other.


“It is an honor to be able to share life with our patients – as they grow up, marry, and become parents and grandparents. I share in their ups and downs, and have the privilege of caring for their dental needs all along the way.”


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